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Welcome to Mapwide — a group of local online search platforms.  We will be adding — more features and adding more innovation on here. We are looking to network with local search marketers and online search engines.

Online business partnering and networking with us — We at Mapwide.com are networking with local ad media companies & online digital ad media professionals.  

MapWide Search Online Chat and Local MapWide Marketing online with us at MapWide.com.

We are networking with the MapBusiness group of sites.   Online of these sites is MapCoupon.com.  We are adding more features and changes on MapCoupon.

Local MapWide Online Marketing partner with us  – We at MapWide and MapCoupon are looking to network with local business blogs.

Local coupon marketing companies can network with us at MapCoupon.com.   Local Map Coupon Blog online with us and more.